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Amaranth Performances

We are incredibly blessed and very pleased to present two performers at the Amaranth Anime Ball 2009, for your listening pleasure. On the night of the ball you will be treated to a feast of live music, regardless of whether you prefer classical or popular.

One of the performers will be an instrumental quartet, with the group name the Trifource Quartet. here's what they have to say about themselves:

"Hailing from the Principality of Zeon, the Trifource Quartet comprised of classically-trained musicians has arrived at
Amaranth to play some Anime/Video Game-derived instrumental music. Expect favourites such as Phoenix Wright, Pokemon, and perhaps even some more “alternative” choices as you eat away at your dinner…"

Sounding good so far? There's more! We also have a band called Rhythm Speaks playing! Here's what they sent us about themselves:

"Rhythm Speaks first formed in 2007 and have performed at several functions, but settled finally in 2008 with a new name and set band members. We are ready to move forward with our music, and the band name captures our belief that our music produces a feeling which we hope will get through to others and beyond. The bands members are Dexter on lead guitar, Jake on drums, Kirk on bass guitar, Michael on rhythm guitar and new vocalist Miki. Each member's unique sense of music adds to the feel and sound of Rhythm Speak; from Dexter's charged melodies, to Kirk's catchy basslines, to Jake's powerful drum beats, Mike's metal and hardcore influences and Miki's talented multi-lingual vocals, you can be sure that you will be engaging with some very unique sounds. Now with
Amaranth in our sights, we have the chance to show everyone our passion for anime and Japanese pop culture through songs that have influenced the way we play our music."

Excited yet? If you aren't already, you will be when you finally hear them on the night of the
Amaranth Anime Ball 2009! (If you haven't registered yet, then hurry!)
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