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If you haven't gotten your Amaranth registration in yet, now's the time to panic! There are 6 days left to register for the Am aranth Anime Ball. Registration will be closing on the 31st of July, so if you haven't already registered then please hurry. Unlike Manifest, Amaranth does not accept registration at the door on the night, so registering by this Friday is the ONLY way to attend Amaranth 2009.

Please use our online registration if possible, because it is the quickest and most efficient way of registering. Postal mail can take a long time to get to its destination - especially if it's from interstate, or it gets lost along the way! There are also more payment options available through online registration, such as credit card, paypal, and bank transfer. Of course, money order and check are also available as payment options, but they will need to be sent via postal mail.

If you are submitting syndicate registration (which is not possible through online registration), then please send in your syndicate's registration forms and payment as soon as possible! As long as the mail is postmarked 31st of July or earlier, we will accept it. Having said that though, please don't leave it until the last day, as that creates utter chaos for our registration coordinator!

To register, please visit our website by clicking here. All documents for registration (including a link to the online registration) can be accessed via our home page. We sincerely hope to see you at this year's fabulously exciting Amaranth Anime Ball.

And just as a personal note, Amaranth 2009 is looking to be heaps better than 2010, so you really don't want to miss out! With new events, and heaps of prizes up for grabs, it'd be a real shame to miss out! Please register as soon as possible!
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