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Amaranth Anime Ball

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SURPRISE Passes! [20 Aug 2009|11:27am]

As though Amaranth couldn’t have enough new things in trail this year, we have another surprise up our sleeves! Purposely left as late as we could, we’re announcing this only now, to make the surprise that much more… SURPRISING!

So what is the surprise?

Amaranth will have Ten Special Amaranth Passes available for purchase on the night. That’s right. Just rock up to the Ball on Thursday, fill out a form, hand over some money, and you’re in! But what’s so special about the passes?

Each Special Amaranth Pass holder will:
-  be seated in close proximity to both our bands, as well as press. Getting “in” the circle will be made easier for you!
-  allowed special early entry to the event; and watch the amazing chaos that is the 30 minutes before registration opening.
-  receive a small surprise gift.
-  be able to feel super special awesome for holding only one of ten passes.

These are the ONLY passes that may be purchased on the night.

If you’re interested in purchasing one of these ten Special Amaranth Passes, rock up to San Remo Ballroom, 356 Nicholson Street, North Carlton at 6.00pm. Once these passes are sold out we cannot accept any more registrations and any extra people will be turned away. Dietary requirements for Special Amaranth Passes cannot be arranged.

The Special Amaranth Pass will be trialled at a price of $75 for 2009.

We look forward to seeing ten very special Amaranth people at Amaranth 2009! ;D

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Tomodachi Sushi-Train - Now With Prizes! [16 Aug 2009|09:28pm]


Amaranth is proud to announce that we are offering prizes in conjunction with the Tomodachi Sushi breakfast which is being held the morning after Amaranth. In order for the event to run we need to be able to guarantee that we will have at least a decent array of guests, so now is the time to sign up if you’re interested. The exact prizes are currently being held in an airtight safe in the bottom of an ocean at a mystery location so that noone will know what it is until on the day. Mwahahahahaha!!!!

For those of you not attending Amaranth fear not. Everyone is welcome to attend, however there is mearly a $10 reduction in the registration fee for all Amaranth attendees. To compensate for this though you have the option for MORE PRIZES! Register before Tuesday the 18th and pay for your ticket to enter into the draw to win one of two free Amaranth passes. Note: This does not entitle you to your ten dollars back >_<

The date that we need the lion share of our registrations to be in is Tuesday to guarantee the event will run, so if you are planning on coming please register by then. If the registrations are not enough unfortunately a bomb conveniently placed on the safe with all the prizes will explode sending them to oblivion…so no event = no prizes! However should such a case occur all registrations will be entitled to a full refund. We are confident this should not happen, but we need your support to make it happen so register at the following link to grant you entry to a wonderful event and good chances at some wonderful prizes:


Please Note: The Amaranth passes are non-refundable and due to short notice cannot be altered to adhere to any dietary or other requirements. You will be notified of your victory on the Wednesday. If you cannot attend it is possible for you to transfer your pass to another however you must let the registration coordinator know in advance who is taking your place. To be allowed in your must arrive at the event on the day with ID as well as all applicable registration forms filled out.

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Amaranth Performances [08 Aug 2009|03:05pm]

We are incredibly blessed and very pleased to present two performers at the Amaranth Anime Ball 2009, for your listening pleasure. On the night of the ball you will be treated to a feast of live music, regardless of whether you prefer classical or popular.

One of the performers will be an instrumental quartet, with the group name the Trifource Quartet. here's what they have to say about themselves:

"Hailing from the Principality of Zeon, the Trifource Quartet comprised of classically-trained musicians has arrived at
Amaranth to play some Anime/Video Game-derived instrumental music. Expect favourites such as Phoenix Wright, Pokemon, and perhaps even some more “alternative” choices as you eat away at your dinner…"

Sounding good so far? There's more! We also have a band called Rhythm Speaks playing! Here's what they sent us about themselves:

"Rhythm Speaks first formed in 2007 and have performed at several functions, but settled finally in 2008 with a new name and set band members. We are ready to move forward with our music, and the band name captures our belief that our music produces a feeling which we hope will get through to others and beyond. The bands members are Dexter on lead guitar, Jake on drums, Kirk on bass guitar, Michael on rhythm guitar and new vocalist Miki. Each member's unique sense of music adds to the feel and sound of Rhythm Speak; from Dexter's charged melodies, to Kirk's catchy basslines, to Jake's powerful drum beats, Mike's metal and hardcore influences and Miki's talented multi-lingual vocals, you can be sure that you will be engaging with some very unique sounds. Now with
Amaranth in our sights, we have the chance to show everyone our passion for anime and Japanese pop culture through songs that have influenced the way we play our music."

Excited yet? If you aren't already, you will be when you finally hear them on the night of the
Amaranth Anime Ball 2009! (If you haven't registered yet, then hurry!)
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Amaranth Trivia Competition [08 Aug 2009|03:03pm]

Trivia makes a return to the events line up! Attendees of the Amaranth Anime Ball in 2007 may remember the trivia event held that year, and those who then also attended in 2008 may have noted its absence. The reasons for this were various, but the point is that it's back in 2009 with plenty of improvements.

Think you know anime? What about Japanese Culture? How much do you know about
Amaranth 2009? If you find fascination in hopping from one Wikipedia page to the next, this could be the event for you. Indulge your brain with seemingly useless knowledge, and study about Amaranth via our website. There will be three rounds of trivia this year on the night of the ball, and you will be required to complete the quizzes in the your table groups. This event is as much an excuse for us to give you prizes, as it is a way for you to get to know the people on your table. (Don't hide away, shy people! Your team needs you too!)

However, don't think that you'll have to wait at your table anxiously all night, guarding your quiz sheets. You will be alerted when a new sheet of questions is sent out at the beginning of each round, and there will be a box in which you can deposit your finished quiz. The box will be emptied for correction at pre-appointed times, so make sure that you submit your quizzes before those times! The scores from each round will be added up and a prize awarded to the table with the highest score. If there is a draw, a sudden death battle of wits shall ensue! So start studying, and look forward to the challenge!
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Amaranth Dance Competition [08 Aug 2009|03:00pm]

So you think you can dance? Well it doesn't matter if you think you can't, you'll still have a chance at winning a prize in the Amaranth Anime Ball 2009 Dance Competition. Once again, the not-so-secret event will be secretly judged. We'll have plenty of eyes out watching this year's dancers, so just be yourself and enjoy dancing. The titles (and medals) up for grabs this year are Best Dancer, Most Enthusiastic Dancer, and Best Couple. There will be two medals awarded for Best Couple, one for each person in the couple.
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Registration Extension; possible discounts [05 Aug 2009|11:13pm]

Amaranth registration has been extended until Wednesday 12th of August. There are NO exceptions to this.

Syndicates with numbers over 20 may be eligible for a discount. If you are part of an Anime club, you are encouraged to attempt the formation of an Amaranth syndicate.

People registering after Wednesday 5th cannot be guaranteed that their invitation will be sent out timely.

Any questions should be sent to amaranth.ball@manifest.org.au for more prompt replies.
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Last Minute Decisions? Good News! [31 Jul 2009|11:22pm]

Indecisive? Disorganised? Poor? Out of the loop?

Did you miss the last date for registration to the Amaranth Anime Ball 2009?

Never fear! Amaranth registration has been extended until Wednesday 5th of August to cater especially for you!

Made a last minute decision and thought it was too late?
Well now you have 5 more days to get that registration in.
Had the intentions to go, but kept putting it off?
Well now you have 4 more days to put off, and one last chance at getting your registration in!
Intended to use that paycheck to pay for Amaranth but saw something shiny and spent all your money?
Let's hope your paycheck comes in early in the week and you have another chance to pay for Amaranth, by the 5th of August.
Didn't see the posters or hear about Amaranth until it was too late?
Well luck's on your side. Send your registration in now and we'll still accept it up until Wednesday 5th.

We hope those of you who fall into these categories or similar enjoy this little extension, and we hope to see you all there!
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Get Registering! [30 Jul 2009|09:46pm]

If you haven't registered for Amaranth, quick! Get moving!

And while you're in the registering mood, you can now register for the Breakfast Sushi Train by filling out your details in the following link:


Just fill out the blank fields to make a booking, and you'll be contacted with payment options.

Have fun, and hope to see you there!

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Let's Break Australian History! [26 Jul 2009|10:32pm]

Amaranth cordially invites everyone to an Australian first: a sushi train breakfast. Yes, that’s right, you’re invited, even if you aren’t coming to the Amaranth Anime Ball!

Be a part of Australian food history, as Amaranth and Tomodachi host the first breakfast sushi train in Australian history. Tomodachi, is one of Amaranth’s sponsors, and has offered to host this as an Amaranth after-party with an interesting twist. For attendees who continually think “There should be something more!”, this could be a solution to your seemingly insatiable Amaranth hunger!

There will be a one-off entry fee for the breakfast party. Once you’re in, that’s it! The food will be placed on the sushi train, and you can take as much of whatever you like. Beverages such as Asian tea, coffee, and soft drinks will be also provided, and the event will run from 8.30am to 10.30am, Friday the 21st of August. Mingle with new friends you may have met at the Amaranth Anime Ball 2009, or make some more from the masses who are going to Manifest 2009. You can also finally have a chance to talk to the Amaranth committee members, at a time when we aren’t madly scrambling around!

We are currently still refining some details of payment methods, but we can announce that the price will be $19.50 for Amaranth invitation holders, and $29.50 for everyone else. Payments will be due before the 18th of August, so think about whether or not you’d like to come, quickly! We also have limited places don’t leave it to last minute!

There is no age-limit for this event, so everyone is welcome! Bring your family, friends, club, posse, whatever!

Keep tuned in for more information, and feel free to e-mail us at amaranth.ball@manifest.org.au!

We hope that you are as excited about this as we are. A very big thank you to Tomodachi for proposing the idea and for hosting the event! Tomodachi: Famous for Sushi!

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PANIC! [25 Jul 2009|10:42pm]

If you haven't gotten your Amaranth registration in yet, now's the time to panic! There are 6 days left to register for the Am aranth Anime Ball. Registration will be closing on the 31st of July, so if you haven't already registered then please hurry. Unlike Manifest, Amaranth does not accept registration at the door on the night, so registering by this Friday is the ONLY way to attend Amaranth 2009.

Please use our online registration if possible, because it is the quickest and most efficient way of registering. Postal mail can take a long time to get to its destination - especially if it's from interstate, or it gets lost along the way! There are also more payment options available through online registration, such as credit card, paypal, and bank transfer. Of course, money order and check are also available as payment options, but they will need to be sent via postal mail.

If you are submitting syndicate registration (which is not possible through online registration), then please send in your syndicate's registration forms and payment as soon as possible! As long as the mail is postmarked 31st of July or earlier, we will accept it. Having said that though, please don't leave it until the last day, as that creates utter chaos for our registration coordinator!

To register, please visit our website by clicking here. All documents for registration (including a link to the online registration) can be accessed via our home page. We sincerely hope to see you at this year's fabulously exciting Amaranth Anime Ball.

And just as a personal note, Amaranth 2009 is looking to be heaps better than 2010, so you really don't want to miss out! With new events, and heaps of prizes up for grabs, it'd be a real shame to miss out! Please register as soon as possible!
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OMIGOSH! NEW STUFF! [20 Jul 2009|09:47pm]


Introducing: The Amaranth Anime Ball's Spot Dance!!

Amaranth is very excited to announce this new addition to the Amaranth Anime Ball schedule, this year. We love the idea of being able to give more attendees more prizes, and more reason to love the Amaranth Anime Ball! So what exactly is it? Well...

Have you ever wondered how to play musical chairs with over two hundred participants? Do you think it's possible to do it quickly, and without people stepping all over each other? We do, and we're going to make it happen at the Amaranth Anime Ball.

The basic concept is that instead of chairs, there will be several 'spots' on the dance floor, marked in a non-obvious way. Throughout the night, three songs will be designated as 'Spot Dance songs', and when the music stops at the end of the song the person closest to one of the spots will win a prize! Only one spot will be chosen per song, so to win you must depend more on your luck than any skills or smooth moves. But isn't it nice to win something for doing apparently nothing? Just have fun dancing, and perhaps you'll get lucky... in the Spot Dance!
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Amaranth Events Released! [07 Jul 2009|03:03pm]


To help you get excited and prepared for the Amaranth Anime Ball, we'll be announcing events, as they're finalised, here. We'll tell you what event is running, what's involved, and what you might want to prepare! Feel free to show your excitement for each event in comments. You can also ask further questions about each event here by commenting on the relative post.

Now, to start it all off, we announce:

King and Queen of Amaranth!

The King and Queen of Amaranth competition is the most anticipated and enjoyed event on the night of the ball. All attendees (with the exception of committee and competition judges) are eligible for selection as contestants, and will be monitored secretly throughout the night for qualities such as graciousness, involvement in Amaranth, etc. Full of fun, flair and fierce ambition, the contestants will be asked various questions and required to perform some tasks. The two contestants with the best combination of personality and outfit will be chosen, each crowned as either King or Queen, and receive glory and gifts from the Amaranth Anime Ball.

In 2009, after some refinement, the event returns better than ever. One of the major changes this year is that the selection criteria and judging criteria have both been revised. The exact criteria for selection and judging cannot be revealed right now, in order to avoid any unfair advantage that may result from being unduly prepared.

Another change that is more apparent is the judging panel. This year we have sought judges outside of the committee, and amongst them will be two well known cosplayers. Aly and K are based in Perth, frequently travel interstate to attend anime-related conventions, and have previously judged at the Manifest 2008 Cosplay Competition. They will be moving to Melbourne and attending Amaranth Anime Ball 2009, and we have requested their assistance as judges for the King and Queen of Amaranth competition.

We hope that you will enjoy watching and participating in the King and Queen of Amaranth 2009 competition, just as much as we enjoy planning and presenting it.

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WARNING, WARNING! [30 Jun 2009|08:30pm]

As the last day of June comes to an end, there is exactly one month until registration for the Amaranth Anime Ball 2009 closes!

Unlike Manifest, Amaranth does NOT sell tickets at the door, so the 31st of July REALLY IS the last chance for you to ensure your attendence at the Amaranth Anime Ball 2009. If you're planning on attending the
Amaranth Anime Ball 2009, we recommend that you register as soon as possible. Here we have some reasons to get your registrations in as soon as possible:

1. Do it before you forget.
Don’t keep putting it off – chances are that repeatedly postponing it will result in nothing getting done. This happens to everyone.
2. Allow yourself time.
If you are gathering a syndicate, you’ll want some time to organise it all. Don’t wait until the last couple of weeks to chase people up for their forms. Usually, the larger the group, the more time it may require.
3. Do it before the last person does.
In 2008 all registrations to the Amaranth Anime Ball were sold out before the actual registration closing date. Don’t be one of the people whose receive an apology with the news that “we’ve reached our attendance limit”. We hate to say that just as much as you would hate to hear it. Also, sometimes mail may get lost in the postal system. The time wasted by this may be fatal to your chances of securing a place at the ball, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. Register as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.
4. Take the guess work out of preparations.
Once you have received confirmation of your successful registration, there’s no “if” about whether you can get into Amaranth or not. You can forge ahead with any preparations you want to make, with the certainty that that you’ve cemented a spot at the ball. This is an important consideration for attendees who may need to book transport and/or accommodation.
5. Relax.
There may be ten thousand things on your mind, but at least registration for the Amaranth Anime Ball won’t be one of them. With the paperwork done, you can focus on the ‘more interesting’ side of things – such as what you’ll wear or whether you want to meet up with other attendees before or after Amaranth. We’ll handle the ball preparations - you just need to wait for the invitation to arrive and attend on the night.

Please note that registration for Manifest 2009 will not entitle you to attend Amaranth Anime Ball 2009, and vice versa.  All the registration details for the ball are available on our website, including the registration forms. Simply click here. If you have any queries about registration in particular, please email them to Morgan at morgan.priestnall@manifest.org.au.

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Super Special Offer, 2009 [25 Jun 2009|08:16pm]

Worried that your hair will go awry on the way to Amaranth? Afraid of chipping a nail, or smudging your make up? Tokyo Hair and Beauty is located conveniently in inner city Melbourne. From cuts to styling, girls to guys, they can help you out look the way you want. As part of a generous sponsorship deal, Tokyo Hair is offering all Amaranth Anime Ball 2009  attendees 15% off the total price if you use their services on the 20th of August 2009. (Folks, that's Amaranth day.) Simply present your Amaranth invitation on the day to redeem this great deal!

Tokyo Hair and Beauty
Shop 1, 210-222 Russell Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000
Phone: (03) 9662 9386

Book now! (And don't forget to mention you're from Amaranth!)

Sorry for the delay in getting this ; I forgot. But yes! If you're thinking of getting your hair or nails done for Amaranth, make sure you check out Tokyo Hair and Beauty. We like to think being called "Tokyo Hair and Beauty," means they're familiar with the styles you like. ;)
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Amaranth Anime Ball 2009 Registration [31 May 2009|11:17pm]


Come one, come all, to the Amaranth Anime Ball!


Yes, it's back again: the Amaranth Anime Ball has returned bigger and better in 2009, and I've just realised we never made an announcement about registration being open, on LiveJournal! Well I'll be glad to announce that registration forms are now available from Amaranth's website.

Just as a note to all of you out there, Amaranth is looking to have a new and improved registration system this year, which will get you all through the door to Amaranth a lot faster. This system will require that you have your invitation and ID ready, so make sure you have your invitations, this year!

Attendees can look forward to fine dining, music, dancing, and of course, events such as the King and Queen of Amaranth competition. Be entranced by the whirl of colours as fellow attendees pass by, be they clad in costumes, formal wear, or even alternative fashions popular in
Japan. With more to do on the night and a much larger venue, the Amaranth Anime Ball 2009 is a fascinating combination of Japanese pop culture and an elegant evening of entertainment.


When: 6:30PM to 11:30PM, Thursday 20th August, 2009

Where: San Remo Ballroom, Carlton, VIC

Price: $75 for single registration, $68 per person for syndicate registration (6 to 20 people)


For more information and terms and conditions, please visit our website: http://amaranth.manifest.org.au.

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Amaranth at Japan Festival [16 May 2009|12:19pm]


Registration for Amaranth Anime Ball 2009 will close on the 31st of July. For those who wish to register in person for the Amaranth Anime Ball 2009, your last chance to do so will be on Sunday 17th of May, at Japan Festival in Boxhill. Please do visit us! You'll find us in Find us on level 2 of the TAFE building, in the room to Origami, Shogi and Go; and opposite the tea ceremony room/s. We'll be sharing the room with Manifest and JfP.

You will be able to hand deliver your forms to an Amaranth committee member and pay by cash. Of course, we will also accept cheques and money orders. It is best to fill out the forms beforehand at home, where (presumably) you have all the personal details you may need. The forms and instructions are available for download on our website, but we will also have some printed forms with us at the festival if you need them.

If you have any queries about registration in particular, please email them to Morgan at morgan.priestnall@manifest.org.au.

Here are the details for the Japan Festival:

When: Sunday 17th May 2009, 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Where: Box Hill Town Hall & Box Hill TAFE, 1000-1022 Whitehorse Road, Box Hill

Prices: Entry fee is $5. Children, seniors and anyone wearing a kimono or yukata enter for free.
Website: http://www.jcv.org.au/japanfestival/

Hope to see you there!

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Amaranth 2009 Is Looking For A Band [10 May 2009|07:27pm]

Is your band familiar with J-pop, J-rock and Anime music?
Are you located in Melbourne, or scheduled to be in Melbourne during August?
We are looking for a band to perform at a Amaranth 2009: a dinner/dance event celebrating Japanese pop culture.
Own equipment is preferred but is not a necessity.
If you are interested in playing at Amaranth 2009, please send your song samples to amaranth@manifest.org.au.
Please check out our site at http://amaranth.manifest.org.au for more event information.
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Registration Forms Now Available [02 Jun 2008|10:20pm]

Greetings everyone!

Amaranth registration forms are now available from the Art & Music section of the website. All our current information is available there, but just in case you need a reminder:

Thursday the 25th of September, 2008

BlueFire Churrascaria Grill & Bar
18, 427 Docklands Drive
Waterfront City, Docklands
Vic, 3008

06:30 PM to 10:30 PM

Membership prices:
Single Memberships : $70
Syndicate (6-20 people) : $65 per person

How To Register:

To register for Amaranth, please fill in the declaration form and registration form below. Please send both forms together in the mail along with a self addressed envelope.

Alternatively if you have formed a syndicate, have the syndicate leader fill in the syndicate form below. Please be sure all members of your syndicate have filled out and signed their own copy of the forms, and send all the forms in the same envelope to avoid confusion and unnecessary postage cost on your part. Please remember that registration to Amaranth is separate from registration to the Manifest weekend (i.e. registering for Manifest will not gain you entry to Amaranth or vice versa).

We hope to see you there!

Kind Regards,
The Amaranth Team 2008
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Amaranth @ Japan Festival [14 May 2008|10:08pm]

Hi everyone!

Thank you for your continued interest in the anime ball! This year we allowed you to register in person at Minifest and whoa, did we have some eager lads and ladies. (o_O) So now, here's another opportunity to do so: this weekend we will be at Japan Festival, so come and sign up. But don't worry if you don't have enough money - you can still drop by to say hello and grab one of our awesome 2008 postcards. Our registration forms will soon also be available online.

The details of Japan Festival are as follows:
When: Sunday, 18th May 2008
Where: Box Hill Town Hall and TAFE, 1000-1022 Whitehorse Road, Box Hill
Times: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Entry fee: $3.00; free for children, seniors and anyone wearing a kimono or yukata

And here's a reminder of the fundamental details of Amaranth 2008:

Date: Thursday, September 25th
Venue: BlueFire Churrascaria Grill & Bar
Address: 18, 427 Docklands Drive, Waterfront City, Docklands, VIC 3008
Prices: Single membership for $70, syndicates (6 - 20 people) for $65 per person

N.B.: This year Amaranth is strictly a 16+ event, which means that attendees must be aged 16 or older at the time of the ball. In lieu of this, the night will also be free of alcohol.

For more information on Japan Festival, please visit the website:

If you check out the photos along the left side of the page, that very last one is of the Manifest table! This year Manifest and Amaranth have a whole room to themselves at Japan Festival, so come and visit both of us at the same time - it's like anime and manga overload. We look forward to seeing you at Japan Festival and the anime ball!

Best regards,
The Amaranth team
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Amaranth Ball 2008 [18 Apr 2008|03:01pm]

We are proud to announce that registration for the Amaranth Anime Ball 2008 will be open from Minifest 2008! A night of formal wear and cosplay, including music, entertainment and a fine meal.

We bet you want to know more, right? The details are as follows:

Date: Thursday, September 25th in the evening

Venue: BlueFire Churrascaria Grill & Bar

Address: 18, 427 Docklands Dve, Waterfront City, Docklands, Vic 3008

Single Memberships: $70

Syndicates (6 - 20 people): $65 per person

This event does not allow alcohol and will only allow people who are 16 and over at the time of the ball to attend. If you don't have the money by Minifest, fear not! Our registration forms will soon be available online for you to print and mail to us. This year is looking to be even bigger and better then last, so don't hesitate to register early and ensure a seat on the night!

Kind Regards,
The Amaranth Team 2008

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