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As though Amaranth couldn’t have enough new things in trail this year, we have another surprise up our sleeves! Purposely left as late as we could, we’re announcing this only now, to make the surprise that much more… SURPRISING!

So what is the surprise?

Amaranth will have Ten Special Amaranth Passes available for purchase on the night. That’s right. Just rock up to the Ball on Thursday, fill out a form, hand over some money, and you’re in! But what’s so special about the passes?

Each Special Amaranth Pass holder will:
-  be seated in close proximity to both our bands, as well as press. Getting “in” the circle will be made easier for you!
-  allowed special early entry to the event; and watch the amazing chaos that is the 30 minutes before registration opening.
-  receive a small surprise gift.
-  be able to feel super special awesome for holding only one of ten passes.

These are the ONLY passes that may be purchased on the night.

If you’re interested in purchasing one of these ten Special Amaranth Passes, rock up to San Remo Ballroom, 356 Nicholson Street, North Carlton at 6.00pm. Once these passes are sold out we cannot accept any more registrations and any extra people will be turned away. Dietary requirements for Special Amaranth Passes cannot be arranged.

The Special Amaranth Pass will be trialled at a price of $75 for 2009.

We look forward to seeing ten very special Amaranth people at Amaranth 2009! ;D

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