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Tomodachi Sushi-Train - Now With Prizes!

Amaranth is proud to announce that we are offering prizes in conjunction with the Tomodachi Sushi breakfast which is being held the morning after Amaranth. In order for the event to run we need to be able to guarantee that we will have at least a decent array of guests, so now is the time to sign up if you’re interested. The exact prizes are currently being held in an airtight safe in the bottom of an ocean at a mystery location so that noone will know what it is until on the day. Mwahahahahaha!!!!

For those of you not attending Amaranth fear not. Everyone is welcome to attend, however there is mearly a $10 reduction in the registration fee for all Amaranth attendees. To compensate for this though you have the option for MORE PRIZES! Register before Tuesday the 18th and pay for your ticket to enter into the draw to win one of two free Amaranth passes. Note: This does not entitle you to your ten dollars back >_<

The date that we need the lion share of our registrations to be in is Tuesday to guarantee the event will run, so if you are planning on coming please register by then. If the registrations are not enough unfortunately a bomb conveniently placed on the safe with all the prizes will explode sending them to oblivion…so no event = no prizes! However should such a case occur all registrations will be entitled to a full refund. We are confident this should not happen, but we need your support to make it happen so register at the following link to grant you entry to a wonderful event and good chances at some wonderful prizes:

Please Note: The Amaranth passes are non-refundable and due to short notice cannot be altered to adhere to any dietary or other requirements. You will be notified of your victory on the Wednesday. If you cannot attend it is possible for you to transfer your pass to another however you must let the registration coordinator know in advance who is taking your place. To be allowed in your must arrive at the event on the day with ID as well as all applicable registration forms filled out.

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