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Amaranth Trivia Competition

Trivia makes a return to the events line up! Attendees of the Amaranth Anime Ball in 2007 may remember the trivia event held that year, and those who then also attended in 2008 may have noted its absence. The reasons for this were various, but the point is that it's back in 2009 with plenty of improvements.

Think you know anime? What about Japanese Culture? How much do you know about
Amaranth 2009? If you find fascination in hopping from one Wikipedia page to the next, this could be the event for you. Indulge your brain with seemingly useless knowledge, and study about Amaranth via our website. There will be three rounds of trivia this year on the night of the ball, and you will be required to complete the quizzes in the your table groups. This event is as much an excuse for us to give you prizes, as it is a way for you to get to know the people on your table. (Don't hide away, shy people! Your team needs you too!)

However, don't think that you'll have to wait at your table anxiously all night, guarding your quiz sheets. You will be alerted when a new sheet of questions is sent out at the beginning of each round, and there will be a box in which you can deposit your finished quiz. The box will be emptied for correction at pre-appointed times, so make sure that you submit your quizzes before those times! The scores from each round will be added up and a prize awarded to the table with the highest score. If there is a draw, a sudden death battle of wits shall ensue! So start studying, and look forward to the challenge!
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