mandby (mandby) wrote in amaranthball,

Last Minute Decisions? Good News!

Indecisive? Disorganised? Poor? Out of the loop?

Did you miss the last date for registration to the Amaranth Anime Ball 2009?

Never fear! Amaranth registration has been extended until Wednesday 5th of August to cater especially for you!

Made a last minute decision and thought it was too late?
Well now you have 5 more days to get that registration in.
Had the intentions to go, but kept putting it off?
Well now you have 4 more days to put off, and one last chance at getting your registration in!
Intended to use that paycheck to pay for Amaranth but saw something shiny and spent all your money?
Let's hope your paycheck comes in early in the week and you have another chance to pay for Amaranth, by the 5th of August.
Didn't see the posters or hear about Amaranth until it was too late?
Well luck's on your side. Send your registration in now and we'll still accept it up until Wednesday 5th.

We hope those of you who fall into these categories or similar enjoy this little extension, and we hope to see you all there!
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