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Amaranth Events Released!

To help you get excited and prepared for the Amaranth Anime Ball, we'll be announcing events, as they're finalised, here. We'll tell you what event is running, what's involved, and what you might want to prepare! Feel free to show your excitement for each event in comments. You can also ask further questions about each event here by commenting on the relative post.

Now, to start it all off, we announce:

King and Queen of Amaranth!

The King and Queen of Amaranth competition is the most anticipated and enjoyed event on the night of the ball. All attendees (with the exception of committee and competition judges) are eligible for selection as contestants, and will be monitored secretly throughout the night for qualities such as graciousness, involvement in Amaranth, etc. Full of fun, flair and fierce ambition, the contestants will be asked various questions and required to perform some tasks. The two contestants with the best combination of personality and outfit will be chosen, each crowned as either King or Queen, and receive glory and gifts from the Amaranth Anime Ball.

In 2009, after some refinement, the event returns better than ever. One of the major changes this year is that the selection criteria and judging criteria have both been revised. The exact criteria for selection and judging cannot be revealed right now, in order to avoid any unfair advantage that may result from being unduly prepared.

Another change that is more apparent is the judging panel. This year we have sought judges outside of the committee, and amongst them will be two well known cosplayers. Aly and K are based in Perth, frequently travel interstate to attend anime-related conventions, and have previously judged at the Manifest 2008 Cosplay Competition. They will be moving to Melbourne and attending Amaranth Anime Ball 2009, and we have requested their assistance as judges for the King and Queen of Amaranth competition.

We hope that you will enjoy watching and participating in the King and Queen of Amaranth 2009 competition, just as much as we enjoy planning and presenting it.

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