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As the last day of June comes to an end, there is exactly one month until registration for the Amaranth Anime Ball 2009 closes!

Unlike Manifest, Amaranth does NOT sell tickets at the door, so the 31st of July REALLY IS the last chance for you to ensure your attendence at the Amaranth Anime Ball 2009. If you're planning on attending the
Amaranth Anime Ball 2009, we recommend that you register as soon as possible. Here we have some reasons to get your registrations in as soon as possible:

1. Do it before you forget.
Don’t keep putting it off – chances are that repeatedly postponing it will result in nothing getting done. This happens to everyone.
2. Allow yourself time.
If you are gathering a syndicate, you’ll want some time to organise it all. Don’t wait until the last couple of weeks to chase people up for their forms. Usually, the larger the group, the more time it may require.
3. Do it before the last person does.
In 2008 all registrations to the Amaranth Anime Ball were sold out before the actual registration closing date. Don’t be one of the people whose receive an apology with the news that “we’ve reached our attendance limit”. We hate to say that just as much as you would hate to hear it. Also, sometimes mail may get lost in the postal system. The time wasted by this may be fatal to your chances of securing a place at the ball, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. Register as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.
4. Take the guess work out of preparations.
Once you have received confirmation of your successful registration, there’s no “if” about whether you can get into Amaranth or not. You can forge ahead with any preparations you want to make, with the certainty that that you’ve cemented a spot at the ball. This is an important consideration for attendees who may need to book transport and/or accommodation.
5. Relax.
There may be ten thousand things on your mind, but at least registration for the Amaranth Anime Ball won’t be one of them. With the paperwork done, you can focus on the ‘more interesting’ side of things – such as what you’ll wear or whether you want to meet up with other attendees before or after Amaranth. We’ll handle the ball preparations - you just need to wait for the invitation to arrive and attend on the night.

Please note that registration for Manifest 2009 will not entitle you to attend Amaranth Anime Ball 2009, and vice versa.  All the registration details for the ball are available on our website, including the registration forms. Simply click here. If you have any queries about registration in particular, please email them to Morgan at

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